“We’ve come a long way and the road ahead still stretches as far as the eye can see. We’ve been as high as can be and have fallen off as hard as one could imagine. What builds true character is accepting that not everything will work out how you first imagined, but you come back stronger and smarter with a better plan to keep pushing forward. Everything happens for a reason. I am a true believer in that. 

This journey has taken me many places and I have met many people along the way. Thank you for your support! #grnhwk #lifestyle #redemption”

The Idea

We strive to provide a curated selection of quality glass and urban artwork, lifestyle accessories and the freshest clothing. We pride ourselves on the roots we have established in our community dating back 2011 and beyond. We are focused on supporting local artists dedicated to their craft.

Our store is small. Our heart is huge. We hope that you’ll check our boutique out soon in Mesa, AZ!

New & Pre-Owned Glass

I like the less traveled paths. That’s why we are taking an alternative approach to the typical smoke shop that you’ll find around town. Within our urban boutique, you’ll find it’s packed full of new glass artwork ranging from production, scientific, and heady works of art.

You’ll also find that we have a fine selection of pre-owned glass from private collections through our original consignment program. Ask for more details!

100% Honest & Dedicated

You can get over on someone once, maybe twice if they are forgiving. But that’s not what we are about. You’ll quickly realize that once you’ve stepped foot in our shop or contacted us directly.

I have always believed building a long term relationship is the backbone of a strong family and business network. Honesty, hard-work, and consistency. Those are 3 qualities that you can expect from our team.